Visionary Concept

A MemryStone markerThe vision for MemryStone comes from the career observations and determination of William “BT” Hathaway.

BT grew up in a funeral service family and has worked as a licensed funeral director for the past 20 years in southeastern Massachusetts. During that time, cremation has grown significantly, and this left BT feeling less and less satisfied with the “standard”answers for survivors who had to face the cremation.

He saw that the detached and anonymous process of modern cremation was inconsistent with the way he had learned to serve people as a funeral director. As a result, BT started looking for cost-effective and meaningful options to enhance or transform typical cremation practices.

Along the way he stumbled across the idea that a ceramic marker might work as a powerful emotional link during a cremation service. After a great deal of experimentation and development, that fledgling idea has turned into this very special cremation option he calls MemryStone.

In the News:

July, 2013 on “”: MemryStone — Giving More Meaning to Cremation

From the July 16, 2013 “The Daily Dirge” blog of the Funeral Consumers Alliance: A genuinely new idea in cremation

From the June 26, 2013 PR Web: Sunset Finances Applauds Inventor of MemryStone for Cremation Innovation.

From the June 9, 2013 Fall-River Herald: Funeral home creates stone designed to bring comfort after cremation.


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