Modern Cremation

No one really talks about it, but for many survivors, modern cremation feels uncomfortably detached and anonymous.

The deceased disappears at the crematory, replaced several days later by a nondescript plastic box and a serial number—not the ideal way to begin grieving after a loss.

Most everyone recovers from this experience and goes on to hold memorial gatherings, which finally bring the sense of closure survivors seek. But wouldn’t cremation feel much different if you had a peaceful way to participate and stay connected all the way through?

That’s why we created MemryStone.


MemryStones transform the experience of cremation.

Instead of waiting days or weeks to begin the memorial process—you may express your grief right away.

Instead of wondering about the identity of final remains—you will have assurance and peace of mind.

And instead of juggling memories in a virtual way—you will have a tangible and personal link to the life you must now cherish in your heart.

MemryStones eliminate the doubt and distance which come from modern cremation, and instead foster meaning all the way through.

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