Using MemryStone

Using a MemryStone only requires a ball point pen and some time for reflection.

The package you receive contains specially formulated transfer sheets in several different colors. Wrap one of these around the ceramic and write a few words you find meaningful in your time of grief.

Finished MemryStones then get placed with the deceased prior to cremation.

Please understand that MemryStones change appearance during the cremation itself, but will usually return intact. In this way they provide identity assurance for the final remains, and serve as a tangible connection to the past.

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Each person will view their MemryStone differently, but we have designed them with three central needs in mind.

First, that modern cremation is an empty and disconnected process. Whereas MemryStones can keep you connected to love and memory all the way through.

Second, nearly everyone (on some level) questions the true identity of cremated remains. Seeing your personal inscription after cremation will help alleviate these perennial concerns.

And third, your MemryStone becomes a true linking object which will help keep cherished memories alive in your heart. No other keepsake carries the unique imprint and connection your personal ceramic will have.

So choose MemryStone. Every survivor deserves the comfort and peace of mind a MemryStone connection provides.

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